18+ Easy Moves to Develop ‘Good Study Habits’

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Want to develop your Good Study Habits? Want to know the best moves to develop good study habits to learn anything very quickly?

Studying for any kind of exam can be difficult and stressful. In fact, the task is not so difficult as it is difficult to concentrate on it. Many times, even after many attempts, we are unable to concentrate.

I am going to tell you some small and simple tips in this article that can really help you to focus your attention on your studies.

Reading and Learning Skills

The most important work that has to be done will be on two levels – that method of study which can work for you, be converted into work or established. Each person’s learning method is different. You will have to understand how you will be able to learn yourself in the best way.

Develop Good Study Habits

The work that you used to do in getting an education in high-school, may not be of the best education system personally. High-school education is easier than higher secondary school, but when the school reaches the level of higher secondary education, then that method is not fruitful in this new teaching-policy and they do not understand this reality.

There is a great difficulty. This difficulty also comes for you at the time of graduation. There is a difference in the education system of high-school and higher secondary school, which has to be studied in mind.

education system of high-school and higher secondary school

When you do the first year exam of Higher Secondary School, then you can understand that there is a difference between high school and higher secondary school. Unfortunately, at that time some students start believing that they cannot do better than this. They are never able to demonstrate their superior ability and some sit down completely disappointed.

How to develop Good Study Habits?

It is very important to develop good study habits in yourself so that you can get good results in the exam. You can get good marks in the exam by developing these habits in yourself.

1. Choose a quiet and light space for study, it is necessary that you separate yourself from unnecessary obstacles, tell others clearly that you are working and seek solitude and after work, you will meet them.

2. You should use a table or desk for students to study. You should not lie down on the bed or resting chair for studies.

Study Break - 18+ Easy Moves to Develop 'Good Study Habits'

If you wish, take some rest in between.

3. Choose the best time of day to study. Some students consider the time of Brahma Muhurta to be fine, while others find it late at night. Choose the best time of day in which you can complete your studies with concentration.

4. As soon as the class ends, revise your class notes.

5. Make certain hours of the day for serious study and follow it strictly.

6. Give yourself praise. Give reward: Promise yourself that if you do serious study in these certain hours, then you will keep it for some time for entertainment and when you reach your goal, go for a walk with your friends, watch a movie.

7. Take short breaks if you want. It is said that a person can concentrate for 30 minutes, after which his concentration starts to decrease.

Study Break with Coffee - 18+ Easy Moves to Develop 'Good Study Habits'

When you feel that you are not able to fully concentrate now, get up, walk for a while, drink something like fruit juice, coffee, milk, tea, sorbet etc. and then sit down.

8. After studying with others many times, you can know whether you have been able to understand the subject completely or not. If you have given the right answers to the questions and you have been able to explain it well to others, then understand that you have assimilated the subject you have studied. Otherwise, you will feel that some more hard work is necessary now.

9. Be careful while studying with other students. Some students can waste their valuable time by not being serious about their studies. So choose with whom you have to study very carefully.

10. Study yourself alone so that you can assimilate the concepts / basic facts and information. Study in a group so that you can make your own correct assessment, evaluate yourself.

[Bonus] Good Habits

Below are some bonus tips:-

11. Take your responsibility – to get success, you need to have the ability to make enough efforts, the ability to give time and your patience. Something has to be sacrificed, you have to take responsibility for your own actions, then the head of success is tied to your head.

12. What is important to you or not, no one knows it better than you. If no one else gives you suggestions, it would be fine. You yourself know your priorities and your values and work with that in mind.

13. At what time can you concentrate and study? The time is morning or evening or night… know it. Think at what time you find yourself in the most focused and intense concentration. At that time you solve the most complex study challenge.

14. If you have read the study material of any subject and do not understand it properly, then do not read it again and consult your teacher. Discuss it with your colleagues, search on the internet, etc.

15. Always challenge yourself to do better. It is better to compare yourself to others than to compare yourself to others.

16. Be positive. This positivity protects you from stress and anxiety during the exam.

17. Instead of just reading a text or book directly, make it more interesting, such as use a highlighter to highlight important parts.

  • Make small notes of important parts and make notes.
  • Make a note of the lesson that you cannot understand.
  • Write the answer after reading, understanding and converting the paragraph or section into a question.

18. You are studying only for knowledge and your desire, your choice and not for examination. This will reduce exam stress and we will be able to concentrate and do our work, which will increase our knowledge in whatever we study.

Motivation Quotes Student

You can never conquer mountains, you can conquer yourself

J M Whittaker

Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great.

Mark Twain

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