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Do you want to Earn money by shorting URL and sharing it? Do you want to make money with links you share? Are you searching for 100% genuine and trusted URL shortener website?

We have answer of all the above queries i.e;

Hello guys, in this post, I will share you about, which is one of best URL shortener in the market. This is 100% genuine and trusted URL shortener. I will also show my payment proof. So, let’s start

What is - Home page is a URL shortener where you can earn money by shorting your long URL and sharing it. This is a 100% genuine and trusted URL site.

How and how much do I earn?

Making money from is just 3 steps:

  1. Create a free account
  2. Short your link and share it.
  3. Get paid for per click. Short your Links and Earn Money5 - - Short URL & Earn Money in 2020

On an average, you can earn $5 to $50 per day from by doing nothing. You simply have to short URL and share or post it in your Blog, social handles, or anywhere.

How to create account in

Creating account in is simple and free. We will discuss how to create account in in step by step. Just follow the steps listed below to create a free account in

  • Just Visit the below special link to open an account.

You will receive $.5 as Bonus if you signup with above special link.

  • Then click on ‘ = ‘, right above in top section. Short your Links and Earn Money1 - - Short URL & Earn Money in 2020
  • Then, click on Signup. Short your Links and Earn Money3 - - Short URL & Earn Money in 2020
  • You will land to a signup form page where you have to fill your details like Username, Email and password. After that, fill the captcha and tick the Terms and Conditions.
Create an Account Earninglink - - Short URL & Earn Money in 2020
  • Then, Click on Register.

Congrats! you have successfully created a free account in Now, fill the username and password to login into your account.

You will see $.5 as signup bonus if you have created account using above special link.

How to Short URL using tool?

Shorting your URL in is pretty simple. You just need to click a button and boom!!!

Follow the steps listed below to short URL :-

  • Firstly, copy your URL which you want to short and earn money.
  • Paste in the box which placeholder “Your URL here”.
Short url earninglink - - Short URL & Earn Money in 2020
  • (optional) If you want a custom alias as ( Here, B-N-Mandal is a custom alias. If you want this type of alias, then simply fill in Alias field.
custom alias earninglink - - Short URL & Earn Money in 2020
  • (optional) If you want that your shorted link will automatically deleted after a particular time, then set you time in Expiration date. Or if you want that your link should work for life time then simply leave it.
link expiration eaninglink - - Short URL & Earn Money in 2020
  • After filling all details, just click “Shorten” button.
shorten url earninglink - - Short URL & Earn Money in 2020

Congrats! you have successfully shorten your first link on Now, you can earn money from that link by sharing it.

How to Refer & Earn in

Refer & Earn is a great way to make money online. When it comes to, then refer and earn is highest commission giving program in the world. You will get 55% of earning of referral for lifetime. What to do? Nothing, just follow these steps:-

  • Firstly, login into your account and open your control panel.
  • Then, go to Referrals section.
  • You will find a unique refer link. Just copy it.
  • Now, Share it with friends and tell them to join using your refer link.

If they get joined using your refer link, then you can see them under the same Referrals section just below. You will earn 55% of what they earn for life time.

Some Unique Features of :-

  • Signup Bonus – When you join this site with our special link then, you will receive $.5 as joining bonus to start earning.
EarningLink dashbaord - - Short URL & Earn Money in 2020
  • 55% Referral Bonus – Referring people is a great way of earning money. In, you will get 55% of their earning as reward for lifetime. No, the money will not be deducted from your referral account. It just a reward from that you have referred a loyal user to their platform. Refer Earn - - Short URL & Earn Money in 2020 Refer & Earn is highest commission provider in the World.

  • CPM Rate – CPM rate is crucial part of URL shortener. It is amount paid per 1000 views. Apart from others, has minimum CPM of $3 in any country or in any conditions. The CPM will not goes below $3. For India, Pakistan & Bangladesh, CPM is up to $5. For tier I countries like USA, UK….etc, the CPM is up to $20. New Zealand has highest CPM of up to $25.
  • $2 Minimum Withdrawal – If you look at other URL shorteners, you will find that they have very high threshold limit. You usually need $5-10 to request a withdrawal. But in, you are required to earn only $2 to make a withdrawal. Also, $.5 as signup bonus help you a lot to make your first withdrawal. Minimum withdrawal - - Short URL & Earn Money in 2020
  • Withdrawal methods – You’re provided many withdrawal methods to make redemption of your money. You can use UPI, PayTM, PayPal and Bank transfer to withdraw your money from Usually UPI, PayTM & Bank transfer is for Indian users and PayPal is for users from other countries.

Note :- If you want to take payment other than listed, then you can contact their team at [email protected]

  • Control Panel – You can manage your account and its all features from a special control panel. In this panel, you can see your details stats on monthly or daily basis. Here, you can also see your earning. In the control panel, you can short a link, edit or delete your links. There are plenty of tools making your earning easy and smooth.
  • Detailed Stats – You can see detailed stats of your links. Here, you can see clicks generated on a particular link with traffic source.
  • Support – Support is a major requirement of any online earning website. If you get any problems, then support is something which help you to get out of it. In, you get 24X7 support team. You can simply contact support team by support menu or drop a mail at [email protected].

How to withdraw Money from

Withdrawing money from is quite simple. This can be done in 2 simple steps :

  1. Completing your profile
  2. Redeem after reaching threshold

1. Completing your Profile – This is must required step. You must complete your profiling section to avoid withdrawal rejection. If your profile is blank, half-filled or fake, then Withdrawal team may reject your withdrawal request

How to complete your profile?

  • Firstly, Go to Settings.
  • Then click on profile.
  • Fill up the required details.
  • At last, choose your withdrawal method
  • Then enter your withdrawal details. Please make sure to recheck it again.
  • Then, click on submit.

2. Redeem after reaching threshold – You can redeem your earning after reaching a fixed threshold. Before that you can’t redeem it. The minimum redemption amount is $2. So, you are required to earn only $1.5 as $.5 is given as bonus to make first redeem instantly.

How to redeem from

  • if your earning has crossed $2, then you can redeem it.
  • Firstly, go to withdraw option.
  • Click on withdraw.

You will receive your money within 48 hours.

Payment Proofs of

I have earned around $49+ within 1 month from this URL shortener. This is far much better than others. Here is my earning proof :-

EarningLink earning proof - - Short URL & Earn Money in 2020

Hope you liked the article. If you do, then share it with others. “Sharing_is_ Caring”. Also, join by click here. See You in next article.


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