Exam Preparation in 2021 | What to do & What not?

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Is Exam Preparation going on? Is Exam Preparation seems confusing to you? If yes, then check out our Exam Preparation – What to Do & What not?

We have listed what you do before any exam and what you shouldn’t? Also, we have included what to do and what not during the Exam?

So, We have To-do list containing task listed to do before Exam and task done during the exam.

What to do before the Exam?

What to do before the Exam

There are many things you should keep in mind while preparing for examination. You must need a proper tactics and tricks to prepare for exam and score more than expectation.

What to do while preparing for the Exam?

1.) Create a timetable for the study and follow it.

2.) If you can study before the time of the exam (which you have decided), then you can complete all or most of the studies.

3.) Adequate exercise, adequate healthy food, adequate sleep are the most important.

4.) Keep a close watch on the style of your teacher taking the exam. What kind of questions do they ask while studying and how do they write the answers to those questions.

5.) Take an investigative look at your complete study system and their depth information. Introspect Then compare it with the syllabus given by your teacher and also with other colleagues.

6.) Add your professor’s focus and style to your study. If the teacher explains any particular point, subject policy, remedy or counter-argument by giving special hair, then write it in the answer to your examination question.

7.) For “open book exam“, study like you have to take the close book exam.

8.) Remember the definitions and the important parts very well. Especially for the close book exam.

9.) Give more and more practice exams and that too in an exam-like environment. Then check the answers with the correct answers or mix them with the answers of your friends.

10.) Use flashcards and flow-charts under different methods.

flashcards and flow charts - Exam Preparation in 2021 | What to do & What not?

11.) Read and revise all the topics a little every day.

12.) Whenever you read, collect all the things in advance, such as water, watch, pens, etc … and also keep in mind that your computer is also working correctly.

13.) When you are taking the exam, first do all the questions that come well to you and then solve the difficult questions.

What not to do while preparing for the Exam?

  • Wait till the time of studies to make a complete outline of your study.
  • Relying on the outline made by others.
  • A few days before the exam to study G-break (back break).
  • Do not study at night the day before the exam.
  • Long reading without pause. According to studies, a person cannot concentrate on anything for more than 50 minutes.

Revision Time:

Exam Revision

Revision is very important steps to secure good marks. Human has nature to forget a thing. They forget the less used things, knowledge, and others. We remember those things which we keep in regular use. Thus, we need some time to revise the forgotten things. But how to revision time to get more than expected.

How to Revise everything in less time?

  • Keep enough time for repetition, so that there is no problem in the last minute. This will also boost your confidence.
  • Make a timetable so that you can take stock of your preparation. For this, take some time for other things as well.
  • Recap in different ways so that you enjoy reading as well.
  • Do not take too much tea, coffee or cold drinks. Eat healthy food on time. The nutrients of food will be helpful in keeping your brain sharp.
  • Regular exercise will increase your energy level, keep your mind clear and reduce stress.

What to do in the Exam Hall?

Exam Preparation

Appearing in a examination paper is 2nd and somehow most difficult part of Exam Preparation. Its the time to showcase what you have learned and what not? It is evaluation of the whole year work. You can’t take Exam time lightly as it can destroy the whole Exam Preparation. So, What to do?

What to do while answering the Test Paper?

1.) Have a good sleep before the time of examination and must eat something before the examination. Make yourself feel comfortable by reaching the examination venue on the day of examination.

2.) If your mind gets easily distracted then bring earplugs with you and sit near the examination room.

3.) As soon as you get the question paper, read it with cursory eyes so that you can share time in solving the question paper.

4.) Set a time for each question and try to solve the question within the stipulated time. Answer as per the question demands.

5.) Before solving the question, read it twice and according to that, underline the main part of your question and make a list of the main points in sequence.

6.) Use the title for a systematic answer. Use the group, claim, percentage to organize the answer according to the question.

7.) Argue and debate until the question is needed.

8.) When the time is short and the answers are more, then finish the new facts by writing them briefly.

What not to do while answering the Test Paper?

What not to do while answering the Test Paper
  • Do not talk on the subject which has not been asked in the question.
  • Do not write any question in panic, think about it properly and then write it.
  • Do not write the answer in one paragraph.
  • Do not use short forms which the reader does not know.
  • Repeat the key points in your head. Analyze the points but do not waste your time by writing them in the opening paragraph.
  • Do not understand that the readers do not know anything.
  • Do not give a conclusion in the middle of the answer, give it sequentially.
  • Do not spend too much time on a question.
  • Do not argue more about your exam with the participants.

These are the things you should keep in your mind before the Exam Preparation and during the Exam time. Hope you like it. You have any different, then share with us. We will surely add in our list.


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