(Natural) Best 50+ Weight Gain Foods for Children

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Want to know about weight gain foods for children?

Are you worried about your child’s low weight? Does your child feel normal hunger but at normal appetite, his weight is still less than children of his age (low weight)?

Are you thinking… which foods should be added to your child’s menu to increase their weight? Worried about your child not gaining weight, toddler not gaining weight?

These questions are mostly from mothers. Mostly, your child’s actual weight is not really related to it.

We sometimes think that our child is fine, the doctor also said and also we checked on the wet machine, but suddenly the same weight decreases when the time of meeting the child’s grandparents, grandparents come and we feel that suddenly our child has lost a lot of weight.

I can not see all your mothers but you can understand my dreams and I have my consent with you. Despite the pressure of the outside world, she takes care of her child’s weight.

As a blogger, I receive many emails from my mother readers. In many e-mails, child weight, the child low weight has emerged as the main concern.

Although weight has nothing to do with the development of the child. But if your child is underweight then a mother has to face many sarcastic and negative comments.

Why you need to take this seriously?

Simply put: The reason for this is that we associate the health of the child with their weight……I mean as good as fat.

If this is really the case, why do we spend so much money on the gym? When after some time, sudden external comments and our fear about the weight of our child shows only a picture.

And finally, you throw the guide book out of the window for healthy eating and it is followed by junk manure. This junk food increases the weight of your child, but this puts your child in danger.

Best Weight Gain Food for Children

I cannot tell you how important it is for children to eat healthy. High calorie nutritious fresh home-cooked food is healthier than chocolate and ice cream.

This post is about Weight Gain Foods for Babies and Kids, which are some kind of solution to the problem of children not gaining weight.

But before that, let us know..

Why is my Child not Gaining Weight?

Before we know those fertilizers that will increase the weight of our child. I want to know from you how much your child’s weight and height should be according to your age.

Know the height and weight of infants and children according to age. If you still feel that the weight of your child is less according to his age then know about it.

If the child is healthy and active, then we should not worry about weight. I repeat, if your child crosses the developmental stages according to child age according to age then you should not

Use of certain food items is very effective for weight gain. The most appropriate way is to give high-calorie foods to children in place of junk food.

List of 50+ Best Weight Gain Foods for Babies and Children

Here is the list of 50+ Healthy Foods for Kids to Gain Weight.

1. Breast Milk

If you breastfeed your baby, continue it. Breast milk helps in fulfilling the fat and energy requirements of a child. Breast milk is very beneficial for children in less than six months and therefore you should give it to your baby.

2. Full Cream Milk

How is the full cream milk different from normal milk?

It is homogenized and pasteurized. It means that fat does not separate from milk and milk rises up. Full cream milk helps a lot in weight gain. Children get plenty of calcium and calories from this milk. It also contains a rich amount of essential vitamins and minerals. You can give a glass of milk every morning and night to your child above one year of age.

Normally you have to wait till the child is one year old to avoid food allergies before giving milk. If your child does not like milk, there is nothing to worry about. Try to give curd or any other food item given in this article.

3. Soy Milk

If you are from a vegetarian family or if your little one is lactose intolerant, then you can prefer soy milk for your child. Soya milk is also rich in protein and calories and will help your child gain weight. Just check if he is allergic to soy or not.

4. Cheese

Eating healthy is not always boring. Ask any child whether they like the thing, I don’t think they will deny it. In fact, cheese can be easily added to the child’s diet, you have many ways to add cheese to the child’s diet. Even a small piece of cheese can also be helpful to you as an evening snack.

Homemade Paneer or cottage cheese is the best option. Cheese can also be given in the form of Cheese Paneer Paratha, Broccoli Cheese Mash, Potato Paneer Mash, Egg Cheese Mash.

5. Chikoo

It is a sugar-rich fruit. This is why chikoo is a very favourite fruit of children. High levels of sugar mean that it is an excellent source of energy. Chikoo is also good for bones, digestive system, respiratory system and it boosts the immune system. You can give pure chikoo puree, chikoo milkshake or chikoo kheer to your children along with any other fruits or milkshake etc.

6. Banana

Bananas are a rich source of carbohydrates and energy. Golden bananas and Kerala bananas are both excellent for weight gain.

Golden Banana Recipes for Babies:

  • Plain Banana Puree
  • Banana Milkshake
  • Banana Cake
  • Banana Cake
  • Banana Pudding
  • Banana Pudding

7. Ragi

Every child who has started a semi-solid compost is advised to eat ragi, nachni, kora, finger millet or red millet.

Ever wondered why?

Ragi is very rich in nutrients. And it also contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamin A, B complex and fibre.

The use of ragi along with ghee and jaggery helps in increasing the weight of children. It is not just for infants, older children can also take it. There are many different dishes that can be made from ragi.

Ragi Recipes for Kids:

  • Ragi Cake
  • Ragi Soup
  • Ragi Idli
  • Ragi Pattu
  • Instant Ragi Dosa
  • Stuffed Ragi Paratha
  • Ragi Badam Cookies

Ragi Almond Cookies are my favourite as it is made from the costume element of ragi and nuts. All these dishes are delicious and healthy and will definitely help in your child’s weight gain efforts.

8. Avocado

Avocado-Best Weight Gain Food for Children

Avocado is not very familiar to us, but the world is getting smaller day by day, so gradually we became familiar with this fruit and will be attracted towards it. This exotic fruit has many health benefits. This fruit is also rich in fat. We know that fat and is an excellent food for weight gain.

You can serve it by mashing it with milk or plainly. A mother suggested to serve it in avocado by mixing it well and it looks really delicious.

Avocado Recipes:

  • Avocado Mash with Milk
  • Plain Avocado Mash

Note: If you can’t find avocado at your place, don’t worry! It is not necessary that you should only buy imported avocados for your child’s weight. You can also always choose local homemade fruits and vegetables.

9. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are also good as a first meal. From the point of view of the child, it is tasty from the point of view of the parents, it has many health benefits. Sweet potato contains high amounts of sugar and beta carotene. It also contains vitamins B, C and minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

Dishes with Sweet Potato:

  • Sweet Potato Apple and Chicken
  • Sweet Potato Plain Mash
  • Sweet Potato with Milk
  • Sweet Potato Lentil Mash
  • Sweet Potato Mash with Cheese and Whole Cream Milk

10. Eggs

Eggs are famous as a food item if you or your child is underweight. Eggs are rich in protein. The yellow yolk can be started from the 8th month and whole eggs at the age of one year. This is done to prevent any allergies.

11. Potato

Potato is a delicious starchy vegetable, which is used by us in a variety of dishes. Luckily it comes in the list of vegetables that children eat without any tantrums. Potatoes are useful for weight gain. It contains a good source of carbohydrates and energy. We can give it as potato cheese or cheese mash. Potatoes also contain minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals.

Avoid having ready-to-eat French fries available on the market, as they contain chemicals and preservatives. You can easily deep fry or bake it at home. Don’t forget to add various potato dishes to your child’s daily diet.

Potato Recipes for Kids and Toddlers:

  • Potato Mash
  • Potato Carrot Mash
  • Potato Cheese Mash
  • Potato Sabji
  • Potato Sandwich
  • French Fries

12. Butter

Apart from full cream milk and yogurt, butter is also good for weight gain. People who are trying to lose weight run away from eating it, but it is really healthy for us, although it needs to be eaten in the right amount. Butter is very useful to increase nutrition. Add a teaspoon of butter to child foods like lentils and khichdi. Because butter contains 97% fat, you should limit it to 1/2 to one teaspoon. In high amounts, it causes obesity in children.

13. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is also an excellent source of weight gain. If your child is more than one year of age spread a spoonful of peanut butter on bread or a toast and give it to your child to eat. You can also use it with jam and other spreads. You can also use it for pancakes. You can also make cookies with it for your child. If your child has an allergy to peanuts, it goes without saying that you have to keep them away from it.

14. Olive Oil

Olive oil is good for weight gain. It is mainly used in Mediterranean cuisine. Olive oil contains a rich amount of monounsaturated fatty acids and good fats. You can cook child food in olive oil. Apart from weight gain, it is also good for our skin. It would be wise if you prepare child food in olive oil. You can prepare homemade pasta, pizza etc. using olive oil.

Please note: Imported olive oil is not only essential for child weight, but you can also use olive oil that is available locally. You can also use coconut oil or any oil used in your area.

15. Nuts

They are rich in vitamin E, protein and fat. The high oil content in dried fruits makes it good weight-loss food.

You can also give mixed nuts as a snack for older children

Please make sure to grind the nuts properly so that they do not get stuck in the child’s neck.

Dishes with nuts for babies and children:

  • Chocolate almond powder
  • Topping on milkshakes and porridge
  • Mixed nuts as snacks

16. Dry Fruits

You can make homemade mixed dry fruits powder and chocolate almond powder for babies and children. Dried fruit is a very good source of weight gain because it is healthy and tasty. Dried fruits are also a good snack for children.

You can add a pinch or a spoonful of roasted nuts mixed in a milkshake, oatmeal,….etc., for your a child older than 8 months.

17. Tuvar Dal

Rice, lentils and ghee – Most of the mothers like to eat their children’s food. This is really a wonderful combo to give to your little one, especially if your child is underweight. Pulses are high in calories and therefore help your child gain weight. Apart from this, it also has protein and many other properties that will help your child to stay healthy.

Dishes with Tuvar Dal for babies:

  • Tuvar dal and rice khichdi
  • Sweet potato and dal mash

18. Moong Dal

While there are many pulses to choose from and there are many different ways to include them in your diet, moong dal is one such lentil option.

Moong Dal Recipes for Babies and Children:

  • Moong Dal Khichdi
  • Moong Dal Soup
  • Moong Dal Pakoras
  • Moong Dal Halwa
  • Brown Rice and Moong Dal Oatmeal
  • Moong Dal Mash with Vegetables and Ghee

19. Urad Dal

When it comes to child nutrients, urad dal is not far behind. Usually, we use it to cook in dishes but apart from this, we can also make delicious dishes using urad dal.

Urad Dal Recipes for Babies and Children:

  • Idli
  • Urad Kali
  • Dosa
  • Chutney
  • Murukku

20. Chickpeas

It is effective in increasing weight, it contains plenty of protein, vegetarian should pay attention to this.

Dishes made from chickpea for babies and children:

  • Chickpeas Puree with Vegetables
  • Chickpeas with Parathas Hummus
  • Boiled Chickpeas with Turmeric and Salt
  • Spinach and Chana Soup

21. Rajma

If your little one likes Rajma rice, then yes! Rajma contains a high-calorie content and is a good option to add to your child’s food table.

22. Lima Beans

It is not as famous as other beans, but lima beans are also good for weight gain. These are also called butter beans due to its texture. These are also rich in protein, fibre and minerals. Adult individuals can consume it to lower cholesterol and cure diabetes.

23. White Meat

If you are a vegetarian, you can add meat to your child’s diet. It is rich in fat and protein. The most popular example of white meat is chicken.

24. Red Meat

For older children, you can serve red meat like mutton, beef, pork etc. but make sure you follow the proper cooking method and avoid vegetarian food from outside.

25. Fish

Fish is a good source for adding protein and omega 3 fatty acids to your child’s diet.

26. Soybean

Soy is for vegetarians, such as meat for vegetarians. Besides being a rich source of protein, it also contains calcium and iron. When I say soybeans, I’m not just talking about soy, I’m also talking about real green soybeans.

27. Oats

Oats are rich in carbohydrates and are a good and healthy option for weight gain. If your young child does not like oats in his breakfast, then you can try these delicious dishes.

Dishes made using oats (oats) for babies and children:

  • Plain oats porridge
  • Oats cookies
  • Oats and carrots

28. Green Peas

Peas are one of the first finger foods for a toddler. Most children love their taste. It contains protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.

Pea dishes for babies and children:

  • Green Pea Mash
  • Green Pea Soup
  • Green Pea Cutlets
  • Green Pea Curry

29. Corn

It is a pleasure to eat roasted or boiled corn on the sea or during monsoon. This delicious member of the maize family will also help in gaining weight. However, make sure that your little one is not allergic to it.

30. Papaya

This delicious tropical fruit is also called the fruit of angels. It contains high amounts of natural sugars which provide energy to your child and will help in gaining weight.

Papaya dishes for children:

  • Papaya Smoothies
  • Papaya Salad

31. Oatmeal

Oatmeal or broken wheat is another healthy way to gain weight. However, it is low in fat and high in calories.

Broken wheat/oatmeal dishes for babies and children:

  • broken wheat flour

32. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants, helps boost the immune system and helps in increasing healthy weight.

Pumpkin Recipes for Kids:

  • Sweet Pumpkin Paratha
  • Wheat Pumpkin Muffin
  • Vegetable Soup using Pumpkin

33. Peach

Tasty and healthy for the child. This fruit is rich in dietary fibre and vitamins. You can give this fruit to your child in the same way or you can make fruit shake, juice and smoothies.

34. Almond Milk

Almonds are good for your child and also almond milk. Being used only as an option for children with lactose intolerance, it is now entering the mainstream due to its health benefits.

35. Dates

The best thing about dates is that many children love the taste of it. Dates are rich in calories and if your child eats one or two, it will help him a lot.

36. Pear

Another delicious fruit on the list – it is a good source of iron, fiber and vitamins. You can give this fruit in the same way to your child or you can also make fruit juice and smoothies.

37. Mango

The king of fruits is rich in mango vitamin A and fibre. It is helpful in controlling weight, digestion, insulin levels. And the Tryptophone available in it will make you feel happy.

38. Sathu Maavu

Sathu Mavu is also known as Navdhanya Mixture, Health Mixture or Homemade Cerelac. This the oatmeal mixture will definitely help in increasing the weight of your child. Despite eating it, if your child is not overweight, you can rest assured that it is healthy. This powder contains all the nutrients to help your child get healthy.

39. Natural Fruit Juice

Yes, fruit juices are full of calories and nutrients. But instead of buying packaged juices, try making seasonal fruit juices. But too much juice can also be caused by your child to reject other foods. And it can give the opposite result, so one glass of juice per day is more than enough.

A final note for Parents:

  • Avoid giving too much chocolate to gain weight, it can cause dental problems, in addition to your child’s weight gain, obesity can also happen if we try to gain weight by giving him wrong fertilizer.
  • Your child’s weight has nothing to do with his or her health unless the child is malnourished. If your child is happy and active, it means that you do not have to worry. High metabolic activity of children may be the reason for their lean.
  • Genes play an important role in determining your child’s weight and body composition. So if you and your spouse are either thin in the family, do not expect your child to be fat.
  • A fat child does not mean a healthy child. A chubby child who is not active is a cause for concern.
  • Do not stay away from vegetation or dalda. Cow ghee or walnut seed oil available is good for food.
  • If your child is averse to eating food, do not worry. It is not a matter of how much should be eaten but the food should be nutritious. Our aim is to provide high-calorie nutritious foods like banana mash from Kerala. So if your child eats a little, high calorie-weight can help.
  • Instead of large meals, aim to give small meals at regular intervals.
  • If you still feel that your child needs a supplement or formula to gain weight, try giving some homemade energy mix. It is healthy and beneficial for children over 10 months of age.
  • Avoid TV, games and mobiles while feeding your child, due to this the nutrients from the food items are not assimilated by the child’s body.
  • Please do not force your child to eat !!

Hopefully, you will like 50 foods for weight gain in the above-mentioned foods for weight gain in babies.

Are you struggling with your child’s low weight? Tell us what foods were included in your child’s diet. Comment down below.

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