Best ways to score full marks in Science Paper in 2021

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Do you want to secure full marks in Science Paper? Want to know the secret of toppers who have already scored 100% in Science paper?

It is a common belief that you cannot score full marks in science subject of class 10th. However, students can definitely succeed in the exam by following proper strategies and proper understanding of concepts.

Apart from this, properly solving science question paper can definitely help in getting high marks in board examinations. Another important aspect is the presentation of the paper in which you need to solve the paper correctly which has a profound effect on the investigator.

Science is an important subject for 10th-grade students and also plays an important role in everyday life. Covering these topics, the complete science syllabus for class 10 is based on important topics like foodstuff, living life, how things work, moving objects, people and ideas, natural phenomena and natural resources etc. Pass is designed.

How to secure full marks in Science?

To get good marks in science subjects, it is necessary to have adequate knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology as these subjects help you to get a good percentage in your board exams. The main thing to keep in mind is to read the complete and official syllabus prescribed by CBSE and carefully practice the questions asked in the textbook.

1. Understand the exam pattern and weightage of the chapters

Before starting your preparation for the exam, know about the exam pattern of Science Board paper. Since this will help you to know the pattern of exam questions. It is also very important to know the weightage of each chapter as it will help you in dividing your preparation time between the chapters.

2. Learn about important and scoring topics

The best way to solve a science paper is to start your paper with questions that can score more. Here is a list of important topics that you have to cover to get a good score in the exam.

  • Chemical Reactions and Equations
  • Metal and non-metal
  • Carbon and its compounds
  • Periodic classification of elements
  • Control and coordination
  • Bioprocess
  • Heredity and Bio-evolution
  • Generation
  • Light and electricity
  • Magnetic effect of electric current
  • Human eye

3. Get a good study material

Do not invest in buying more and more books which cause confusion. Do not keep a pile of books that are unused and do not provide any significant academic performance. You are suggested to start studying with NCERT books and strengthen your foundation and clarify the concepts. After studying these, you should look at the reference books to solve a sufficient amount of questions, which will increase your confidence and performance. You can take help of the following reference books:

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4. Study formulas and chemical equations properly

full marks in Science

Create a separate notebook with important formulas, reactions and diagrams. This notebook can also help you during a quick revision.

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5. Preparation Strategy

In order to get good marks in the subject, every candidate should follow these essential preparation points. Which are as follows:

i.) Physics: Learn the rules of sign convention and ray diagram drawing.

  • Recall formulas and equations and then solve numerical problems.
  • Practice numerical questions and revise the concepts of important topics.

ii.) Chemistry: Practice questions related to the balance of chemical equations.

  • Questions on modern periodic tables and reaction series are important.
  • Learn how to prepare different types of salts.
  • pH-related questions can be alternative based, and questions on alloy and corrosion are necessary.

iii.) Biology: Practice asexual reproduction, male and female reproductive system, human heart, human excretory system, double circulation diagrams.

  • Learn how to solve Mendel’s heredity cross with stress on Mendel’s rules.
  • Remember the concepts on the food chain, the importance of food chain, 10% rule, development of cabbage, water harvesting techniques etc.

6. Importance of previous year question papers

For the intensive preparation of the exam, you should solve Class 10 Science previous year papers. This will help you to get complete information about the types of questions asked in the exam. Also, to increase your problem-solving skills, note how much time you devote to each question with the aim of planning your strategy and also note that you can work on your weak areas as well.

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7. Tips for solving class 10 board exam

It is important to read the question paper very well to know about the paper’s marks distribution. Follow these tips to pass the science exam:

  • While reading the paper, try to divide the questions into simple, medium and difficult categories.
  • Now start with simple and high scoring questions and prioritize your efforts.
  • Use quicker methods in the calculation so that your time in the exam is not wasted.
  • Use easy language to write answers and also focus on the word count of the answers given.
  • Use clean and neat and legible handwriting. You can use margins where necessary.
  • Avoid rough language measures in solving papers.
  • Choose multiple-choice questions carefully and appropriately.
  • It is always better to revise the answers.

Solve all the questions and do not forget to revise the answers before submitting your answer sheet. Try to solve the long questions with the help of diagrams. Underline the keywords of the answers and recheck all the arguments and calculations.

If you follow these tips, you can definitely score full marks in the class 10 science paper. Use every possible way to prepare for science subjects and make yourself and your parents proud.


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